IHC Optimization Tips

IHC Fixation Optimization

Fixation prevents autolysis and necrosis of excised tissues, preserving their morphology and antigenicity as well as increasing their resistance to processing. The choice of fixative is critical as different fixatives are more optimal for some antigens than others.
Keywords: IHC, optimization, fixative, pfa, perfusion, immersion, fixation method

IHC Embedding Optimization

Once your tissue sample is fixed using the appropriate method and fixative, it is ready for sectioning and mounting. In order to preserve tissue morphology during sectioning, the tissue must be embedded in paraffin.
Keywords: IHC, optimization, ICH-P, IHC-F, FFPE, frozen section, paraffin embedding, paraffin embedded vs frozen

IHC Antigen Retrieval Optimization

There are two common methods of epitope retrieval: heat-induced epitope retrieval (HIER), and proteolytic-induced epitope retrieval (PIER). Selecting the right method is critical to get the best results for your application.
Keywords: IHC, optimization, HIER vs PIER, heat-induced epitope retrieval, proteolytic-enduce epitope retrieval, antigen retrieval